Zengő Industrial and Trading Ltd.
H-5800 Mezőkovácsháza, Alkotmány u. 70.
Phone: (36-68)381-224
Fax: (36-68)381-224
Mobile: (36-30)943-1335

The company Zengő Industrial and Trading Co., Ltd., has been established in 1991 as a private company with the aim to process the traditionally produced sorghum straw of Mezőkovácsháza.

The company started its activity as a family undertaking - today it has more than 20 employees. Its returns and circle of clients are steadily growing. We assure the tendency of development through the improvment of the choice of our producttypes, quick delivery possibilities, satisfying particular demands and continuous protection of our good quality.

Company buildings at Mezőkovácsháza
Sorghum storage at Kunágota